My main research deals with the notion of absence, encompassing loss, disappearance and trauma. It investigates how life changing events can shape us as humans and how situations we encounter may serve as powerful catalysts and transformations.

Using a wide range of media such as photography and moving image, I play with the abundance of narratives, photographic imagery, found objects, documentation and ephemera. In my work, I am interested in revealing the cracks in life through a process of fragmentation and erasure. As a confessional artist, weaving narratives of private experiences of my own or those of others is an important part of my practice. I am interested in exploring the intricacies of the human condition to further examine the different facets of the self.

Drawn to psychoanalysis as a way to better understand the constructs of identity, I use the evocation of dreams, childhood memories and forgotten states as starting material for my work. I seek the uncanny, the untold and often involve the subconscious as part of my creative process.